Whistler opened on Friday the 17th of November and by Sunday afternoon 76 centimeters of snow accumulated. It was amazing skiing for those able to get up and enjoy the best opening in decades however the highway was another story.

It went beyond the regular apres ski Sunday traffic with people taking hours between the Village and Function. Coaches in the ditch, semi's jack knifed and cars stuck brought traffic to a stand still. I normally have an emergency bag in the car when I travel to Greater Vancouver but having it permanently would be a good idea.
Years ago during the December storm that decimated Stanley Park, I spent from 5 pm to 2 am on Highway 99 between Black Tusk and Creekside. I learned it's important to be prepared and %$#@ can happen close to home.
This is what I keep in my car now in a large day pack-
Energy bars that I don't like! This means I won't eat them when I don't need them and Gatorade which I won't drink. Until I need it!
Sleeping bag and thermarest. If I'm stuck waiting in my car I'll be cozy and comfortable.
Wool ski socks, old hiking boots or runners, gloves, jacket and hat with a head lamp. If I have to walk at least I'll have suitable shoes and clothing.
In the summer I swap out the heavier clothing for shorts, t shirt, shell etc in case I get caught out due to an accident or forest fire.
Being prepared makes the unpleasant a little more comfortable and tolerable!