Second homeowners are a key component of our resort. They bring diversity and financial sustainability to the community. They are a key component in what makes Whistler such a fantastic place to live, work and visit. Whistler property owners who reside in British Columbia can vote by mail if their property is in their personal name. I encourage you to participate in the process.

One of our longtime residents and council members Andree Janyk passed away earlier this year. We are now holding a by-election with several candidates in the running.
Cathy Jewett has been a resident in the resort from the early days and raised her two children here. I have attached her press release to the application to vote by mail. We built our own homes around the corner from each other in Alpine Meadows and I've watched Cathy's devotion to our community over the years.

In 2016 she was awarded "Whistler Citizen of the Year" and will continue to be an active participant in the community. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me. I hope you will vote with me to give Cathy this opportunity!