The demand in Whistler is high right now. We're the number 2 destination in Canada after Vancouver in the top spot. With the advances in technology managing your rental has never been easier. Once you've purchased your tourist accommodation zoned property where will you market it?

Certainly Airbnb is hot! That's where my nephew goes for accommodation on his world travels. I checked Similar Web to compare sites and surprise! is number one and it's my choice for my travels from Vancouver to around the world. VRBO comes in at number 9 but it does have a large presence in North America. has no sign up fees, subscription costs but has a commission owed to Guests pay at arrival at your accommodation. While they are planning on additional options you really want your guest have committed and paid at least a month prior to arrival.

Airbnb and VRBO both verify listings, have communication systems between the host and guest as well as a safe and secure platform to collect and transfer payments. Both offer suggested forms, house rules, contracts etc to use as a base for your listing.

Lock technology allows for unique codes for each guest so the hassles of keys are long gone. The rental can be managed online completely with people around the world own manage their Whistler property. Their travel package is in their smart phone not left behind at home.

The key to total success is your cleaner/ concierge located in Whistler. When the dishwasher is flooding or they can't work the hot tub there is a person they can reach out to for assistance.

It can be a very rewarding experience. I have a friend who met her husband through renting her home and I've made good friends through guests not to mention a good financial return. Let's get started!