The Sunday and Wednesday Farmer's market are full of fresh local produce at its peak. Drop by the base of Blackcomb for fresh veggies or enjoy a meal from one of the food trucks. Perhaps a little Christmas shopping and support our local artisans.

Grab your blankets or camp chair and head over Celebration Plaza for Dirt Diaries and Deep Summer Photo Challenge on August 14th and 15th. Photographers and filmmakers get out around Whistler and shoot their creation for you to view open air at the plaza. Enjoy the 2017 Dirt Diary winner here for a taste of the show. 

Saturday, August 18th, Red Bull Joyride is always the big event. Located at Skier's Plaza and the Boneyard. It's usually hot and dusty so come prepared with a hat and sunscreen. Prepare to be amazed!

Visit the Audain Art Museum and get out of the heat. The Emily Carr paintings will remind you we live in a rainforest despite the heat wave. Pop is an exhibition featuring 37 works drawn from the Smithsonian American Art Museum collection here through September 17.

Hopefully skies with remain smoke and haze free over the next few days for Perseid meteor shower. Camp out in the alpine, head out to Green Lake spit or Rainbow beach. Prime viewing is from midnight to 4 am. A night under the stars is so relaxing.

The Whistler Film festival will sponsor four family-friendly films for 4 weeks starting August 13th. Beginning at 8 pm, after dusk, enjoy a movie under the stars on the plaza by Dusty's patio. Bring your snacks and camp chairs to the base of Whistler Mountain for some free entertainment.

Nothing will get you through the November monsoons like memories of a day in the alpine. Wildflowers are gorgeous right now and the water is cold. I enjoyed a full day on Skywalk South yesterday. It's a big day at almost 20 km and 3400 feet of elevation gain but looking back on the memory come winter is magic!