Go beyond the basics and avoid Home Sense and Winners for the most part when you are coming up with your decor. The guest is looking for a holiday destination and a complete experience, so let's give them a taste of Whistler in your rental. Photos are like the cover of a book and provide that a pivitol first impression. Be sure the experience is unique from their last business conference!

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Neutral wall colours allow you to enhance and update your decor through accessories, linens and art. Benjamin Moore has Shaker Beige, Elmira white and Grant Beige, colours that can absorb a bit of wear better than white. You'll have a solid base to add artwork and wall decor now.
Often, this is the step where things take a turn for the worse. People drive off to Home Sense, and Winner's to fill their cart but STEP AWAY FROM THAT art. This is many people go awry, thinking that cheap bright art is a great option. These stores do often have some cabin, skier, Canadiana type pillows and accents. It's a great place to stock up on fun glassware, extra pots, baking sheets, garlic presses and zesters. Read reviews on other five star rentals and see what the guests appreciate so that you can add those items.

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This is an example of art that does nothing to enhance the experience. They might have seen at the hotel airport on the way to Whistler!

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The Kitchen Store in Whistler also has fun pillows, Tea Towels, doormats and wall decor with that ski chalet, mountain lodge feel.
Skitch is the Village is a source of local art, decor and BC-based art. Many guests enjoy the decor so much they purchase a souvenir from the shop.
The Squamish Lillooet Cultural Centre has a great gift shop; Creekside has 122 West that features contemporary chalet decor, home accessories and linens. The Daily Planet has an ever-changing funky collection of decor in Function Junction, and Mountain Home Decor has a more conventional selection of furnishings for order. Hang horizontal landscape pieces over the sofa and beds, while portrait goes in hallways or entrances. Be sure your art is meaningful to the resort location!

Be sure your kitchen is stocked with more than the minimum you get in the average condo-hotel. Include baking and roasting dishes, garlic presses, zesters, spatulas etc. along with crockpots and rice cookers. Ensure your guests comfortably cook a roast dinner or have a stew cooking while they are skiing. Remember to list all these items in your description and amenity list.

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To finish your hard work off, a deep clean, so every surface is shining in the photos. Put in some extras like hiking and walking guides, local magazines and puzzles. Even books by local authors! Toss a mixture of seasons, the art, decor and accents, to create curiosity in your guest to visit at another time of year. Don't have time or not inclined to do it yourself? Whistler Staging Company has a package for tuning up your rental to maximize revenues.

Now that you have a suite worthy of an Instagram shot to get your photographer in. Don't forget to add some outdoor photos from different seasons and you are off to an excellent start!