It's all about first impressions and that can't be overestimated. Start with a deep clean and the professional photography will really pop. Clean every surface- light fixtures, baseboards and trim, tile, blinds etc. Whistler is a dusty place and the smoke in the atmosphere this past summer all adds up. I love using products like Method as they bring wonderful scents to your home. The subliminal effect pays off with a quicker sale which is less hassle for the seller.

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Be show ready. All the time. This can be somewhat easier with a second home or a vacation rental. When you are doing your deep clean, you can declutter and start packing. Less is more when selling. If you have any treasures, a light fixture or furnishings you won't include in the sale, take them out now. People have a tendency to want what they can't have.

Staging your home helps and it doesn't have to be expensive. A good agent can assist with little changes or additions to your decor that makes your home more attractive. Purchaser's in Whistler want the feel of a mountain home or retreat and that has evolved from the "lodge feel". New linens and towels can work wonders.  

You need an agent living and specializing in selling real estate in Whistler. Living right in Whistler, not Vancouver, Pemberton or Squamish. When that guest is in the resort and wants to view property... they want to do it now and only a full-time resident Realtor can do that. 

In today's market selling a property in Whistler requires a balance of traditional print-based marketing and a tech-savvy listing agent. Buyer's come from around the world. They buy in Whistler because they love it and want to spend time in the resort. There's only one way to source that buyer and that's through the Whistler Real Estate Company and the Whistler Listing Service. Buyer's from around the world have never heard of but their online searches bring them right to our doorstep.

I'll make your property stand out from the rest. Let's chat. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 604-905-2827

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