If you are looking at buying, the depreciation report and the strata council minutes are your first line of defence. Once you have purchased, there are steps you can take to reduce the chance of a water leak.

If you had a building inspection, they would have pointed out the water shutoffs for you. In many townhome complexes, it is common to have a main shut switch installed. Alternatively, upon departure, shut off your water while you are away. This is a good idea for weekenders, in particular.

Replace the water lines on your washer and dishwasher every five years. These are prone to failure from crimping or corrosion. You can get automatic water shut off valves for washing machines that are an investment in your security.

There are some very affordable options for programable thermostats that work with old technology. Baseboard heating is widely used in most condos and townhomes in Whistler. The thermostats can be set on a daily schedule and also with minimum temperature. This is a very inexpensive way to avoid frozen pipes, as well as damage to your suite and others when you don't make it to Whistler, in the time frame you expected.
I had a Honeywell Aube installed, but there are many choices in the market.

For a few hundred dollars, you can lower your risk of an insurance claim and gain peace of mind. As more property owners adopt these measures, insurers will increased comfort in proactive buildings.

If you are thinking of buying in Whistler, let's talk.