First off, let's recognize, it's tough for both landlords and tenants. As a landlord, be prepared to prove you are the owner. There are lots of scams out on Craigslist, Kijiji and Facebook, and prospective tenants out thousands of dollars. It's heartbreaking!

Get a copy of your title search and your property tax notice from the municipal hall, and the tenants then know they are dealing with the owner. Often a tenant will turn around and sublet the property by the room, showing ownership, you've educated the prospective tenant that they are indeed dealing with the registered owner.

Use the forms on the Residential Tenancy Act of BC website, the lease agreement, the inspection report, the addendums etc. are the legal documents in BC. If you have a condominium, be sure to have the tenants acknowledge they cannot sublet at whim, for a vacation. Have them receive and sign a copy of the building bylaws. Be clear on what the charges are for replacement parking passes, bylaw infractions, pets etc. and what is included in the rent.

Use a screening company, if you don't want to pay a property manager. I use Naborly, and it is a free service for landlords with one or two properties, and they follow the legislation for the location of the rental property. They will verify credit and identification, ask the appropriate question and provide a report on the tenants. Naborly also vets the landlord, another level of protection for the tenant.

Naborly also offers Naborlyshield. For about 2%, they will cover rent and the eviction process for you. Good tenants can establish credibility and make future rentals a more straightforward process in a competitive market by participating.

A successful tenancy can be a pleasure for both sides.