Several years ago it was relatively easy to show units on short notice. Over the past few years, Whistler has become the #2 destination in Canada on Tripadvisor. Then Vail Resorts purchased Whistler Blackcomb and introduced many new US destination skiers to our valley. Room rates and occupancies are up dramatically as we transition into a real bucket list destination.

The rental managers and hotels put the guest first. This means convenience for both guest arrival and departure, so showings tend to be in the 1 to 4ish pm. The rooms must be first be cleaned and brought to check in ready. Many buyers don't care if the room is dirty but it's a security issue. If there is damage, the cleaners report it so the correct action can be taken. Now we have our window to get in before the next guest arrives. Most properties allow a look between the departure and arrival unless it is a very busy period. July 1st, Ironman, Crankworx etc. The Four Seasons, however, does not allow showings on a day there is an arrival. In other cases, I've had the person in front of me in line check into the suite I'm trying to show.

We often can't confirm any showings in advance. There can be room changes etc at the last minute. Frustrating I know but the revenue is good now and that's what you are looking for.

Midweek tends to be a bit easier to show units but this isn't always possible. Arriving early on a Friday can help or stay over Sunday night. Don't plan river rafting or another excursion for the afternoons you'll be looking. Wander the village, check out Lost Lake or relax by a pool. I'll text or call you when we can get in. We may not get in the suite for sale but a comparable one. Hotels maintain the suite to a guest ready standard so you're unlikely to find significant damage in the one for sale. 

When it is difficult to get into an actual suite when there is a turnover you may find yourself in a multiple offer situation. Recently a suite had guests in for 60 days and a large group of buyers showed up on a single day. That generated three offers quickly. Take time to discuss your options and strategize with your agent. Being understanding of the challenges your agent faces in lining viewings up, will make your experience more pleasant and successful in the end.

Sometimes I just have to pinch myself, I live here and it's a bucket list dream for many people to ski, mountain bike and hike Whistler!